Interview Questions (with answers) – Part I

We bring to you a model interview questions sample and their answers for those looking for jobs. Please note that these questions will appear in parts and keep looking forward to more on the same interview. Hope you find it useful!

Interviewer: What is your name?

Interviewee: Sunita Gupta

Interviewer: So let’s hear something about you from your side.

SunitaG: Well Sir for starters, on a personal front I am a very cheerful person, who likes to take up new challenges coming her way and not turning my back towards it. I am headstrong when it comes to getting work done in the way I like it but quite flexible when it comes to acceptance of new ideas and suggestions. You will find me to be a very hard worker and can rely on me for any given answer

Interviewer: Please carry us forward with your educational background

SunitaG: I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya and managed to secure a decent 84% in the secondary examinations and an 80% in the senior secondary examinations. I pursued my graduation in Economics at the City College under The University of Calcutta where I secured a 58%

Interviewer: So tell us about your family background. What does your father do?

SunitaG: I live with my parents, my dad is a Chartered Accountant and into a service while my mom is a homemaker. I have a younger brother who is graduating in Commerce.

Interviewer: Hmm Nice! So, why an MBA? You could have gone in for an MSc in Economics, which is valued more. Don’t you think so?

SunitaG: Well Sir, the reason behind my present choice was that I believed MBA would help me broaden my perspectives about the economy which I guess would have been difficult for an MSc course and where a focus on theoretical ground would have been more likely. An MBA helps me relate the economy and the business as a whole with the concepts that I have learnt in my graduation so far.

Interviewer: Ok! Then give me an example where MBA made you closer to the economy, say, in the last 2 years

SunitaG: Oh sure! I can now relate food inflation to the rise in consumer price index, the monetary tightening of the RBI and the crowding out effect.

Interviewer: Hmm. What is the current inflation rate in India?

SunitaG: Presently it’s hovering around 5% to which a major contributor has been the food inflation which is the key area of concern and hence the hot topic for all the discussions taking place in India.

Interviewer: Your words speak economics for sure!






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