Interview Questions (with answers) – Part II

Here is the follow up of the same interview started in Part I of the series.

Interviewer: So u speak economics! I am sure you have heard well about the term called investment. What is your take on it?

SunitaG: Yes of course sir. It is a language that has grown within

As for Investment, it is a term that seems to have gained significance and awareness in today’s world but has been within the human mind ever since we can think of. It is simply a method of putting aside money for future purposes in a manner that money is expected to grow while it is kept parked in some security or instrument somewhere as per the investor’s choice.

This example can be dated back to the times when in a very similar fashion, moneylenders in the past expected their money to grow through lending activities they pursued and in a much modern form, today, we see that we have various vistas where we can park in funds and be optimistic about its growth.

Interviewer: Good! We see that you did your summer internship with Axis Bank.

SunitaG: Yes you got that right!

Interviewer: So why do you prefer us over a bank? Don’t you think your experience there could help you one of the coveted bank jobs?

SunitaG: For one thing, I found the job at the bank at the branch level was monotonous. I mean to say that I was not exactly comfortable with door to door selling of mutual funds and insurances. It’s a kind of job better suited to the marketers

Interviewer: Please tell us more in detail about your experience at Axis Bank. About your likes and dislikes and the environment you experienced.

SunitaG: I must say I had a very rich experience of working under the guidance of 2 branch heads where each equally competent but vastly different.

The first one was more concerned with the achievement of targets and encouraged overachievement if possible while the second one was a seeker of customer satisfaction through which she believed that greater targets could be achieved as word of mouth spreads faster and much more effectively than anything else.

About my work, I added on a huge area of unexplored knowledge on mutual funds, insurances products, and gold investments, how these investment options function and how each of these have their unique benefits and drawbacks.






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