Traditional face to face job hiring process is still applicable until today. However businesses and corporations used the power of the internet to screen and interview as much applicants as possible to get the best candidate for the position. As more and more companies rely on job listing sites for possible candidates, more and more people are going online first to look for a job before actually checking out their local newspaper.

Online job hunting is not just going online, write your resume and send to as many employers as possible. Millions of resume are being processed and screened daily by employers and most of them are not seen by the human eye. The resumes are processed through keywords and if you didn’t place any skills in your resume, you’ll end up with no job offers because no one has actually seen your resume.

Job hunting online is almost the same when you do it face to face. Most of the resumes are uploaded as an MS Word document or you would have to fill out a very extensive form so that your prospective employers will know you better. Before you the “send” or “upload” button, review and review your resume again. A single error will cost you your application to every job you applied.Career-Paths

Besides the keyword, also consider the location. Depending on your preferences, your choice of websites for job listing will be varied. If you wanted to transfer to another city or state, consider bigger websites such as or Yahoo Jobs. But if you’re going local, the previously mentioned websites still applies but another smart option is to go to the official website of your local newspaper as they might have job listings there. You’ll be at an advantage in both of these sites since going local slims down the number of competition in the job you are looking for.

There is also a tendency that we would check out the newest job posts in any website. Although that could be smart since you know it’s still available, consider the number of people checking out the job listing and actually forwarding their resume to the company. When you send in your resume, there is higher chance that no one will call you back since they already have more than a thousand in their hands for the initial interview. Search the old posts particularly the two-week-old to a month posts. Sometimes, there are companies who hasn’t found one and since everyone is so focused on the brand new listings; you’re one of the few who will be competing for the job.

Lastly when you apply for your dream job online, don’t just sulk and wait for their e-mail or phone call. After a few days of no response from your prospective employer, send them an e-mail as a follow-up or give them a phone call about the status of your application. This way you can clear it out with them if they have already found someone for the position so you could move on in looking for another job.