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  • Best Career Advice from Security-Cleared Professionals

    Best Career Advice from Security-Cleared Professionals

    What’s the best job search and career advice you’ve ever gotten? Chances are if you’ve been unemployed or searching for work for any period of time, you’ve gotten quite a lot of it. We recently conducted a survey in our group asking our readers to share their top piece of job search and career advice.…

  • Online Job Hunting Tips

    Online Job Hunting Tips

    Traditional face to face job hiring process is still applicable until today. However businesses and corporations used the power of the internet to screen and interview as much applicants as possible to get the best candidate for the position. As more and more companies rely on job listing sites for possible candidates, more and more…

  • Posting your Resume Online

    Posting your Resume Online

    Most of the resume’s today are either sent through e-mail or posted in an online job search site. Companies, especially the larger ones prefer this method since they can easily search the database through keywords and different levels of experience, skills and knowledge. As an electronic copy, companies could easily obtain a copy without too…