Most of the resume’s today are either sent through e-mail or posted in an online job search site. Companies, especially the larger ones prefer this method since they can easily search the database through keywords and different levels of experience, skills and knowledge. As an electronic copy, companies could easily obtain a copy without too much hassle on you or their

On your end since you won’t be spending any money on paper or postage, you could easily write the key competencies that you want in your e-mail. It is even easier to post in job search websites since you are practically asked with questions and all you need to do is answer them. After completing the online form, you already have a searchable resume which is available for companies who wants to hire you.

Since we want to impress companies with our key competencies, there is a tendency that we might provide too much information. Remember that when looking for a job, you only need to show to your clients the information that is useful to them. Other unnecessary information will just be annoying to the company and will place your resume to a very bad position.

It’s good that you are able to provide a good amount of information to your potential employer. Remember to treat your e-mail as a printed resume. Too fancy will never impress your potential employer. Also be sure to provide good links in case you want to refer them to a website.

Remember to use the basics of HTML instead of just pasting the link in your e-mail. Also check the website before using it as a reference since it could have some annoying sounds, pop-ups or worst spy wares which will affect the computer of your potential employer.

For websites that specialize in posting jobs, be sure to be very selective where you post them. You might find yourself a victim of identity theft if you place your information to their website. Do not place very sensitive information there. Not even your salary. You may be surprised, but some companies subscribe to these types of websites not only for hiring.

They may post a dummy position so that they could gauge the market and know how much they should pay their employees. Although you won’t know who does this, keep your resume on the safe side by not giving too much information on the web.

In searching for a good website to post your resume, use this trick: search for your preferred job opening in that website and expect more than five or more results. If the website yields less than five job openings, stay away from that site. That means they are not preferred by companies. You will also have to fight against hundreds of other applicants if the number of job openings is less than five. It’s a simple trick but it could get your resume and you to places and jobs that you want.