There are companies who use the power of searching through keywords to filter the resume for possible candidates. On the other hand, there are companies that have a human resource department that manually takes a look at the resumes one by one. Usually these are small to medium sized businesses or a company that has a large human resource department. The human resource department usually screens the resume manually when you personally hand them over your resume and uses the keyword strategy for screening the resumes.

To impress the human resource department or the headhunters, you only need five to fifteen seconds with the use of your resume. The reason you only need that amount of time is because that’s the ONLY time that you have to impress them with your resume. That means you have to impress the headhunters as soon as they hold your resume.

That is why the first thing that you have to take care of when you’re creating your resume is to follow the standard format. If they have the specific format follow them and if not, use the standard resume that you often use. Format is all about looking good. The words are not really important in the first few seconds but the over all look is judged. If any smudges or general errors that could be easily seen will automatically disqualify you from getting the job. If you can’t take care of the general look of a single piece of paper, you can’t handle the bigger tasks of the job.

If you’re thinking that the company head hunters will read through your resume, you’re wrong. Hundreds of resumes are passed everyday and much of their time is dedicated to talking to candidates. They usually take a glimpse of the resume and look for things that the company needs from the newly hired. That is why aside from giving your resume a great look; give your resume a boost by adding keywords that are related to your skills. I always believe in giving it to them straight. The skills that you have may be explained later but what you know and what you can do should be clearly stated.

Once the format and the skills required for the job has captured the head hunters, it’s time to give them the convincing facts about you. That means every experience that you had, whether in school or at your previous work should be written there. Experience is always a big plus for a company looking for a talent who already know the ropes in doing things. If you’re a fresh graduate, just be sure you have enough internship or the school and degree that you have goes well with the job that you are applying for.

Head hunters in the HR department are very scrutinizing when it comes to resumes. First impression is the most important part of any application process if you have to go through serious screenings from the head hunter. Be smart about your resume by cleaning it up, writing the skills that you have and follow it up with your experience related to the vacant position.