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  • Causes of conflict

    Causes of conflict

    Survey report from cipd (February, 2007) pointed out the causes of conflict at work. General behaviour and conduct issues are rated as the most common causes of disputes at work, followed by conflict over performance, sickness absence and attendance, and relationship between colleagues. Respondents also identify theft and fraud, bullying and harassment, as well as […]

  • Effect of conflict in organization

    Effect of conflict in organization

    A number of studies have compared the effect of conflict on the work performance and on general found task or cognitive conflict to have positive effects while relationship or effective conflict to have negative effects on team performance. Amason (1996) argue that these two types of conflict have different performance outcomes and contend that cognitive […]

  • Types of conflict

    Types of conflict

    Conflict theorists agree that there are two major types of conflicts although they label them in different ways. In 1980 Deutsch labeled them cooperative versus competitive. Jehn (1995, 1997) labels two types of conflict as task and relationship conflicts. In 1996 Amason et al. defined these types of conflict as “effective” and “cognitive” and in […]

  • Why conflict arises in an Organization?

    Why conflict arises in an Organization?

    According to De Bono (1985), the main reason conflict arise because people see things differently, different ideological and philosophical outlooks, different status, understanding and viewpoints. However according to Kirchoff and Adams (1982) there are four distinct conflict conditions, example, high stress environment, ambiguous roles and responsibilities, multiple boss situations, and prevalence of advanced technology. But […]

  • Different Views on Conflicts in an Organization

    Different Views on Conflicts in an Organization

    Over the years, different researches about conflict have been presented. One of the definitions of conflict is a clash of interest, values, actions, views or directions (De Bono, 1985). Jenh (1995, 1997) define conflict can have potentially contradictory effects on social exchange. Conflict in organization can be seen as the management team using expressive control […]